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Football Jigs

Albert's Craw
Albert's CrawBlackNBlue 2Black N TanCamo Craw RedGP Blue 2Pumpkin OrangeGreen PumpkinCamo Craw OrangeOkechobee CrawPhantom CrawRotten WatermelonSour GrapePerfect CreeperWorkhorseTiger CrawMissouri CrawSouth African Special
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Brazalo Football Jigs

All of the football jigs will be available in ½ & ¾ oz except for Green Pumpkin, Green Pumpkin Orange, Rotten Watermelon & Albert’s Craw. 


All of our football jigs are wire tied by hand, they feature wire bait keepers, recessed line tie, Victory Hooks and a stand up style head. All colors are available in ½ oz with various colors offered in 3/4 oz. Other sizes available for custom builds ¼ oz to 1 oz.